Through the letters: The other 90%

Through the letters: The other 90%


The book “The other 90%”, written by Mr. Robert K. Cooper, an expert in emotional intelligence and applied neuroscience to leadership, is a mixture of these two areas of knowledge applying them in personal development, this development is not only at the intellectual level as perhaps the front page induces, but at other levels that are important in the human being, bearing in mind that we are integral beings.

What is the book about?

Its author Robert K. Cooper believes that it is essential to work on four keystones such as Trust, Energy, Farsightedness and finally Nerve.

The Trust: It is oriented to build and maintain magnificent relationships, before which provides advice on how to work first on you and then how to relate harmoniously with others, tells us about the existence of three brains, which I will not mention, to plant the seed of curiosity and you decide to read it, but when you read this section and carefully review the author’s reasons, most likely based on his knowledge of emotional intelligence, you will see that in real life, there are certain people we even know, without realizing they use Exceptionally said “brains”, it also provides principles that ideally we should all apply in our daily lives:

“No one has to lose for you to win” (my favorite phrase)
“Be a ligthhouse and not a weathervane”
“Honor the greatness of others”

Energy: The author divides the energy into calm and tense and explains how it can be possible to increase quiet energy and valuable advice to live life fully.

Farsightedness: The author highlights the importance of dreaming and not losing hope in the circumstances of life.

Nerve: People popularly say “what does not kill me strengthens me”, I would believe that none of the other keystones could be possible without the strength of spirit, it is to cultivate it, which at times seems impossible in the face of so much adversity.

The good, the bad and the ugly

This book, in my opinion, is excellent, I would not find bad or ugly relevant aspects, for some people it can be bad if their expectations are in that brain development is oriented to mental brilliance almost genius, which is not the objective of the book, what good is that it gives us some guidelines based on emotional intelligence, called keystones that pave the way to success, understanding success, not as an accumulation of wealth, prestige or knowledge, but excellent formulas to be better human beings and give the best of us to others.

Which of the four keystones do you consider most important?

Title:  The Other 90%
Published date: February 10, 2010

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