This blog is born from the need to share my hobbies with others, with the aim of providing information, curious data and other details, useful when traveling and that most likely does not appear in many specialized pages, or because they are little-known destinations equally pleasants and the best, economics !. Many times you have not happened to you that you travel to a place and when you are telling your travel stories to your family and friends, some of them say to you: “Did you go to X place?” Did you prove X food? Did you take a picture in X place? etc and you say: “No” “No” “No”, so you stay with the bitterness, because you deprived yourself of the pleasure of knowing things, places or typical dishes, unique in the world, simply because you did not know, because the urgency of making the trip, you spend more time on how you are going to travel (air, sea or land), where you’re going to stay, the budget, the luggage, the documentation, the list goes on, but you end up omitting important details that would have made the difference.

That is why in this blog I will tell you my travel stories with relevant information that you need to know. Also the reviews of the books that have seemed most interesting to me, from the perspective that a good friend can tell you.

Well, and I could not resist to divulge ideas that help to raise awareness about the care of this home that we cohabit with other living beings and we call planet Earth.

Welcome again!

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