Calato dog or hairless dog of Peru

Calato dog or hairless dog of Peru

Oh, but what happened to this poor!

That’s what I thought, when I visited the Moon’s Huaca very close to Trujillo in Peru, I saw a dog without hair, in my ignorance I thought I had suffered some kind of scabies and had left so affected, our guide to see that the little animal caught our attention, told us that this kind of puppy, was the famous mascot that they wanted to give to the daughter of President Obama, because she suffered from asthma and her condition of “calato” made it ideal, I actually remembered the detail but I never imagined what I discovered once I investigated about this curious dog calato or dog hairless.

A dog with a lot history

This dog remains were found in the tomb of the Lord of Sipan a Moche ancient ruler of the third century, his performances also appear in ceramic pieces of pre-Inca cultures from 300 B.C. until the year of 1460.

That is why in 2001 the National Institute of Peru Culture, arranged the location of these dogs in museums and archaeological sites where they are guaranteed the necessary conditions for their proper development and breeding. Additionally, the Peruvian Congress in that same year recognized it as a National Heritage.

Interesting facts about the calato dog

It receives multiple names such as calato dog (which is like in Peru is called colloquially to nudity), viringo dog, chimo dog, Inca dog, chimú dog, but worldwide it is known as a hairless dog.
It does not have hair basically, because it has a syndrome called ectodermal hypoplasia that causes its baldness and although this characteristic is a sign of purity, it is possible that in a litter of puppies born one with hair.

What care should you have with this type of dog?

Although its skin is thick, it is prone to tearing easily, hence it is necessary to take care of the sun and winter season if you live in a cold area it is necessary to shelter it, the protagonist of the photo did not need it because the area is warm. Additionally, its condition causes it to lose its teeth early because it must be supplied with foods rich in calcium and extreme care with its teeth.

Calato dog
Hairless dog of Peru

After an arduous work of model …

The protagonist of our story is quite used to strangers and is very friendly, I would say that he loves to be photographed, so if you decide to visit the Huacas of Sun or Huacas of Moon, you ask about this illustrious character whose ancestors made the daily part of the first Peruvian settlers.

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