My visit for one day to Salta The Pretty

My visit for one day to Salta The Pretty

The City of Salta, Land of Gaucha People

I was spending holidays in Tarija (Bolivia) and suddenly I heard about Salta, a relatively close Argentine city and I became interested in getting to know it. I hired a ground transportation service that took me from Tarija to Salta, however, in Bermejo you have to cross the border to Aguas Claras and from there to board the new transport directly to Salta, I had some difficulty because of a mistake mine that delayed me hours but the fact is that I arrived at my destination in the early hours of the morning. The people in Salta are very courteous and staff of the Gendarmerie (police) guided me to a hotel (Hostal Tobías) a few blocks away, I thought it was ideal because it was a comfortable price and I could walk to the historical sites of interest.

9 de Julio Square

I went walking to my first station in the 9 de Julio Square, my first impression was of a fairly quiet place where the locals have their meeting point, enjoying the company of others and of course the sun. In this square you will find many places of interest there such as: Museum of Contemporary Art, the beautiful Cathedral Basilica or Cathedral Museum that is the sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles and the Virgin of Miracles, the Museum of High Mountain Archeology the famous MAAM that is famous because there lie the remains of mummy children, the children of Llullaillaco, the day I went I did not go in for two reasons, the first because their schedule in those days opened around 4 pm As I had not planned to stay more than a day because it was not an option, the second reason was that I really did not know the importance of the museum, because if I had more information I think I would have planned better to stay, I had to settle for seeing the mummies television, in a Nat Geo documentary, what an annoyance!, Centro Cultural América, Cabildo (Historical Museum of the North) and the Provincial Theater, in the central part we find the monument to Juan Antonio Álvarez de Arenales.

San Martín Park and San Bernando Hill.

San Martin Park is also a must stop especially if you go with the family, the children will be delighted because the park has an artificial lake where people can enjoy boat rides and ducks swimming gracefully, the other family trip I recommend It is the visit to San Bernardo Hill, first because it is the best viewpoint of the city and second because the ascent by cable car is quite pleasant especially for children.

San Bernardo Hill

Tickets are purchased at the Salta Cable Car Complex, very close to the San Martín Park. Once you get to the destination the view is impressive and the place is quiet, here the idea is to take spectacular photos because the land where the city sits is flat, so if you stop to shoot the camera or simply to admire peacefully entire city, this is the site.

Other interest data

Additionally, to the aforementioned sites are the following: Monument to General Güemes, San Bernardo Convent, San Francisco Church that I found beautiful and imposing, the museum of the city “Casa Hernandez”. I did not visit the craft market because it is a bit far from the historical sites and the time was not enough, but it is the place where you can find souvenirs for your friends and family. Salta is also the birthplace of excellent musical groups such as “Los Chalchaleros” with their zambas and a little more contemporary “Los Nocheros”, who have managed to mix the folkloric rhythms of the region with romantic melodies. Therefore a souvenir can also be their musical works.

The clouds train

Although at the time I was everything was booked 🙁 , the Clouds train is one of those attractions that I was eager to know, but I do not resign to another time I can enjoy it, people who know it says it is unique, other than the landscapes are beautiful.

The moral of a fable of this story is WELL PLAN YOUR JOURNEY, I lost many beautiful things for lack of planning.


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