One day to meet Lima

One day to meet Lima

Lima, The City of Kings

The city of colorful public gardens despite the fact that never it is rains, the capital of the Inca nation, it is a beautiful city that has many places to visit, here you can find the vestiges of its Inca ancestors (Huacas), the Spanish heritage ( in the architecture of the city center) and if there were not enough, there is the modern Lima that rests in a privileged way facing the sea, for all this and for more it is a city that deserves a stay of at least a week to enjoy it, nevertheless, to a large volume of tourists entering Peru, they are mostly moved by the interest in knowing Machu Pichu, so your way through Lima is very fleeting, today I bring you the itinerary you can take if you are going to be in Lima just day.

San Cristobal Hill Tour

Night photo San Cristobal Hill
Foreground Government Palace, Background San Cristobal Hill

Head to the Main Square there on the side, you will find some small buses that offer tours to San Cristobal Hill, it is an exceptional view of the city, it is inexpensive and they will explain the historical sites for which the route goes between them. Rimac river (which gives its name to the city), Convent of Santo Domingo de Lima where the remains of San Martín de Porres and Santa Rosa de Lima rest, this last patron saint of the city, when you arrive at San Cristobal Hill there you will have the opportunity to see the city, take beautiful pictures and visit the museum “El Mirador del Cerro San Cristóbal” has photos of the ancient Lima and what caught my attention because I had never heard of it before, were “the covered limeñas” women named as such, because they assumed the custom because of the influence of the Moorish of covering half of their face.

Main Square

After taking the pictures, the tour will bring you back to the Main Square or “Plaza de Armas” and there you can walk much more calmly, there on one side you will find the Government Palace of Peru, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of Lima and The Club the Union.

For lunchtime I have two options for you:

Option 1 Lunch and to meet:

Mall Larcomar

Localized in the Miraflores district, the mall Larcomar is an option excellent to go to lunch, why? Because it has a complete food zone and a beautiful view of the sea,  since it is built on the edge of the cliff on the coast of Lima.

Review these two post if you want to know what to eat or what to drink.

The Miraflores district

Kennedy Park
Kennedy Park, Miraflores District

Although Miraflores is a district so has much to see therefore there is a lot to see, I will only mention a few places of interest that you can to walk, it is very safe, you can to visit the Miraflores oval, the Gutierrez oval, Kennedy Park, The Church of the Virgin of Miracles and the Town Hall of the Municipality.

Option 2 Lunch and to buy souvenirs:

Square San Miguel Mall

It is a fairly complete shopping center much larger than Larcomar and you also have the possibility to have a delicious lunch. The reason is that apart from having many alternatives in your food area, very close to where you will find the Indian markets.

Indian market  “El Tesoro del Inca”

There you will find crafts, clothes,  leader goods or any other souvenir that need you to bring to family and friends, you will find variety, economical because they are producers and you will have the possibility of comparing prices, there are many stands there.

Water Circuit

In the afternoon, type 5 p.m. you can go to the Water Circuit, it is located in the Reserve Park, has 13 water fountains each with its particular charm, the recommendation of the hour is that after nightfall (type 7 at night) a beautiful show is performed combining lights, holograms and music all reflected in the water, really unmissable.

If after all this you still have energy and budget left …


You can spend the night in Barranco bohemian zone of Lima, there you will find Plazuela Chabuca Granda, the Bridge of Sighs, restaurants for dinner, I recommend the “anticuchos” delicious skewers with the combinations you want and of course bars with sea view, it is not too much to say that it is a beautiful sight, a perfect night for lovers 😍

I hope all this information has served you and enjoy the beautiful Peruvian capital !!

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