7 Peruvian dishes you should prove on your next trip

7 Peruvian dishes you should prove on your next trip

Peruvian gastronomy: A delight

We have all heard about Peruvian gastronomy, as it is a reference not only in Latin America but worldwide because it has the Inca flavors and additionally influence of other continents such as European, Asian and even African, this mixture of flavors make it unique and delicious. Therefore when making this selection of dishes I took two criteria, one, which I considered the most popular and two, those that were not so spicy! For those who are not very accustomed or have any health condition that prevents them can consume without risk. Without further ado and although the list is immense I only selected seven:

1.  Causa rellena

Peruvian gastronomy Causa limeña
Causa rellena
This dish is served as an entrance (or first as they call it in Peru) it is mainly composed of yellow potato (Peru have a 3000 varieties native potatoes approximately) or “papa criolla” as we Colombians call it, it is soft on the palate and quite light, if you are not very hungry, it is enough to be satisfied.

2.  Picarones

Peruvian gastronomy Picarones
Picarones bathed in chancaca honey

The picarones are a kind of donut, they are sweet and are accompanied by a melado or honey made with chancaca, piloncillo or panela as it is known in other Latin American countries, where its outstanding flavor is the sweet potato.

3.  Chaufa rice

Chaufa rice is a type of rice that is served in Chinese restaurants popularly known as chifas, these types of restaurants are quite common. Chaufa rice is delicious, it has everything a little, meats, vegetables, pieces of egg omelette and a little touch of ginger, I would say that it is the perfect dish if you are traveling with a large family because it will reach for all and they will be completely satisfied.

4.  Pato la olla

The main aspect of this meal is its preparation, which I was told in the restaurant in Pisco where I consumed it, it is a duck that is cooked with spices long enough for the meat to be tender, all this in a pot of mud, so as they imagine the meat is impregnated with flavor.

5.  Tacu tacu

Peruvian gastronomy Tacu tacu in seafood sauce
Tacu tacu in seafood sauce
The tacu tacu reminded me of what we here in Colombia call  calentadowhich is to take advantage of the previous day’s food (rice with beans or lentil or spaggetti) mixing and heating it to be consumed mainly at breakfast, in the case of  tacu tacu  the purpose original it is similar (do not discard the previous day’s food) but over time it evolved to become the main course at lunch or dinner, whose base is always rice mixed with beans as the Peruvians say with skip loin or seafood.

6.  Papa a la huancaina

This is an entry food that you should try, are some slices of potatoes covered with a spectacular sauce. It really is delicious, pity that for being an entrance the portion is small

7.  Ceviche

Peruvian gastronomy Fish ceviche (La Punta, Callao)
Fish ceviche its side dishes

For the end I could not miss the world-famous Peruvian ceviche, my story with this dish is that at first I was not very interested in consuming a food that “in my eyes” was raw despite being “cooked” in lemon juice , however, from so much to see my Peruvian friends consume it with pleasure, I decided to try it and from then on it was the inevitable when it comes to lunch especially if you go to the beach, where the fish is very fresh. The ceviche that we see in the photo (which I clarify is not my responsibility) has my favorite garnishes, canchita (toasted corn), sweet corn and yucca, the humble sweet potato always remained on the plate because it is not to my liking, but it is what is normally used as a companion.

Although there are many more dishes that are my favorite, as in the beauty contests had to choose and these were the finalists, I hope this short and tempting post will guide them when deciding which dish of Peruvian gastronomy will taste.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Almost all Peruvian dishes (except for the picarones and chaufa rice) are spicy, so it is necessary to express to the person who serves you in the places where you will eat, what degree of spiciness you are willing to endure, to avoid surprises. Anyway, you should always be available a huge glass of purple chicha or Inka cola® to fight the fire in your mouth :), if you want to know more about them visit my post Peruvian drinks.

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