Where to prove peruvian food?: Gastronomic tourism in Lima

Where to prove peruvian food?: Gastronomic tourism in Lima

Where to do gastronomic tourism in Lima?

If you already read my entries on what to eat or what to drink when you visit Peru, in this post, I will give you my list of restaurants or establishments that I recommend in Lima, where you can do gastronomic tourism and consume the delicacies that Peruvian food offers us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All my recommendations are directed as always to help you make decisions, by the way, everything stated here is my honest and personal opinion, as I have been a client of each of the establishments that I will mention below, so I speak with knowledge of the cause. Additionally, I am convinced that people who do their work with dedication and should be recognized.


A place where you can eat delicious pancakes of both sweet and salt, there are many flavors to choose from, with a lot of grace they serve them and divide them in half so that the commensal can begin to taste the filling better (well it is what I thought was ), if you travel with more people what they can do, it is to ask each one for a different flavor and then to exchange halves. If you are curious about its history to visit its page, the headquarters that I have always frequented was Miraflores. My favorite of salt is cheese, tomato olives and oregano, and sweet banana, ice cream, and pecans. The letter and prices can be found here.

Warning: Peruvians say that the amount of food they serve, means love and in most restaurants, they serve with great affection, this restaurant is not the exception the portion is more than satisfactory.

Punto azul restaurant

It is a restaurant specializing in seafood, suddenly depending on the time (half a day) you will have to wait your turn, at least that was my experience at the point of Miraflores, but it is worth it, the restaurant is cozy, the dishes are presented in a pleasant way and the spectacular taste, I recommend: the classic ceviche, tiraditos, and the shrimp or fish chicharrón. Prices and the letter can be found here.

El Tío Mario

It is a restaurant located in the heart of Barranco, has two offices that I know is the Bridge of Sighs, the other headquarters is on San Martin Avenue, where their specialty is the anticuchos, are skewers of different portions res or chicken, the sweetbread was my favorite, is accompanied by huge corn that I loved and that the accompaniment of purple chicha or a pisco sour. You can find more details about the restaurant here.

Norky’s Miraflores

If anyone wants to know what is the real Peruvian chicken grill, you should go to Norky’s, the taste is spectacular, the salads are unbeatable and the atmosphere is familiar, the venue I went to a couple of times was Miraflores, while lunch you relax with the artificial fountain and the little fish that decorate the establishment beautifully, however, they exist throughout Lima so you can look for the closest one to your place of lodging here or if you prefer to make your delivery.

Curich cremolada

I already told you about the cremolada in another post, it is the perfect option to quench your thirst or to taste in a refreshing way the flavor of the fruit, this establishment, in particular, was the first to offer the Peruvians, but especially the Limeños their varieties of cremoladas, if you want to know its 52 flavors to click here.

Bar Maury

Bar Maury
Drinking pisco sour at the Maury Hotel bar

This bar is located in the hotel of the same name that operates in the Historic Center of Lima, where it is said that the current formulation of the famous Pisco Sour was born, the flagship drink of Peru, the bar’s decoration is full of history not only of Lima but also from the famous cocktail.

I hope you can try the food for yourself in one of these establishments or in ALL :), if so, comment it.

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